The critical tradition linking the two writers incorporates a mythology of influence and rivalry. Shakespeare scholarship has largely determined Marlowe’s reception. Was this inevitable? Have Marlowe studies reciprocally framed the reception of Shakespeare? DF Program 1960Why has “value” been privileged, with Shakespeare as Marlowe’s “superior,” Marlowe as Shakespeare’s “equal”? Our seminar’s primary subject is the conception of influence—as a process rather than an end in itself—and evidence of its existence between the two authors.

Friday, 2 April 2010, 3.30-5.30, Burnham Room, Hyatt Regency Chicago

Thank you for attending and participating in our seminar. We were also happy to see so many of you join us at our nightcap in the Big Bar of the Hyatt at 9.45 that evening, and we enjoyed your company and conversation. We hope you will keep in touch with us.

Here are some pictures from our session which we hope you will enjoy. Many thanks to our photographers, Ann Basso and Roslyn L. Knutson.

Here is a brief narrative of the proceedings of the seminar itself.

New Journal

This is to announce the foundation of a new scholarly publication, Marlowe Studies: An Annual. Visit the website for details.