Early Theatre

is a peer-reviewed journal (McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario) that welcomes research in medieval or early modern drama and theatre history, rooted in the records and documents of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

Several essays in recent issues are of natural interest to those engaged in scholarship and criticism on Marlowe.

ET 12.1 (2009)

David Kathman, “The Rise of Commercial Playing in 1540s London” (15-38)
Joseph Candido, “Marking Time in Doctor Faustus 5.2’” (137-40)
Gabrielle Sugar, “‘Falling to a diuelish exercise’: The Copernican Universe in Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus” (141-50)

ET 12.2 (2009)

Linda McJannet, “Islam and English Drama: A Critical History” (183-93)
Justin Kolb, “‘In th’ armor of a Pagan knight’: romance and Anachronism East of England in Book V of The Faerie Queene and Tamburlaine” (194-206)
Annaliese Connolly, “Guy of Warwick, Godfrey of Boullion, and Elizabethan Repertory” (207-21)
Joel Elliot Slotkin, “‘Now will I be a Turke’: Performing Ottoman Identity in Thomas Goffe’s The Courageous Turk” (222-34)
Javad Ghatta, “‘By Martus Ali and our Persian gods’: Multiple Persian Identities in Tamburlaine and The Travels of Three English Brothers” (135-49)

ET 13.1 (2010)

Tom Rutter, “Marlowe, the ‘Mad Priest of the sun,’ and Heliogabalus” (109-20)