The Marlowe Society of America

announces a grant program to encourage the study of Marlowe by students in graduate programs.



The “Marlowe Society Graduate Student Travel Award,” is designed to defray expenses in connection with academic conferences. Its intent is to encourage the study of Christopher Marlowe, his works and related cultural and theatrical issues. Awards will be drawn from a fund of $500 set aside annually for this purpose.


1. Students in accredited graduate programs in English and Theater are eligible to receive an award.

2. Students must be MSA members in good standing.

3. Students must be recommended by MSA members in good standing.

4. Awards are given for students to present original, unpublished scholarship at a conference venue.

5. Eligible expenses include registration fees, travel expenses, and lodging.

6. Awards are limited to $200 per student. Students are eligible once in a three-year cycle.

7. Recipients should submit documentation to demonstrate the requisite use of award funding no later than one month following conference-related travel. Should the student’s plans for the conference fall through for any reason, the MSA will expect to be reimbursed for the amount of the award.

Application Process

1. The MSA member, in coordination with the eligible student/s, will complete and submit the MSA Graduate Student Travel Award form to the current president of the MSA.

2. Deadlines are 30 September for a fall conference and 31 January for a spring conference.

3. The MSA president will appoint an Awards Committee and oversee their timely processing of the applications, passing on notification to the MSA treasurer for the dispensation of award funds.