Roslyn L. Knutson (University of Arkansas, Little Rock) and Pierre Hecker (Carleton College)

have co-edited a special issue of Shakespeare Bulletin devoted to Christopher Marlowe: 27.1 (Spring 2009). Contributors, MSA members all, include:


Evelyn Tribble: “Marlowe’s Boy Actors”

Rick Bowers: “Marlowe’s Knifework: Threat, Caution, and Reaction In the Theatre”

Tom Rutter: “Marlovian echoes in the Admiral’s Men repertory: Alcazar, Stukeley, Patient Grissil

Lucy Munro: “Marlowe on the Caroline Stage”

Stacy Pendergraft: “Marlowe Mee: Constructing The Marlowe Project

Lois Potter: “What happened to the Mighty Line?: Recent Marlowe Productions”

Laura Grace Godwin: “’There is Nothin’ like a Dame’:  Christopher Marlowe’s Helen of Troy” at the Royal Shakespeare Company

David Fuller: “Love or Politics: the Man or the King? Edward II in Modern Performance”

Shakespeare Bulletin Cover