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The Massacre at Paris


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These links were first compiled by Laura Grace Godwin, Department of Theater, Christopher Newport University

Dido, Queen of Carthage

Dir. James Macdonald, Royal National Theatre, UK (24 March–2 June 2009)
   Review in The Daily Telegraph
   Review in The Evening Standard
   Review in Daily Express
   Review in Sunday Express
   Review in Financial Times
   Review in The Guardian
   Review in The Independent
   Review in Morning Star
   Review in The Spectator
   Review in The Stage
   Review in The Times
   Review in The Wall Street Journal
   Review in The New York Times
   Interview in The Times
   Review in Shakespeare
   Review in Shakespeare Bulletin
   Blog Review by Michael Kownacky
   Blog Review at WestEndWhingers
   Blog Review at curtainup.com
   Blog Review at londontheatre.co.uk
   Blog Reviews from NT’s Entry Pass Audiences
   Review in whatsonstage.com
   Costume Designer Moritz Junge's Blog
   Mention at West End Whingers

Dir. Rebecca McCutcheon, Angels in the Architecture, Kensington Palace (2008)
   Review in britishtheatreguide.com

Dir. Tim Carroll, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London (13 October 2007)
   Review in The Times
   Blog Review at musicalcriticism.com

Dir. Neil Bartlett, American Repertory Theatre (526 Mar 2005)

Dir. Tim Carroll, Shakespeare’s Globe, London (6 June18 August 2003)
   Review in The Independent
   Review in The Observer
   Review in The Telegraph
   Review in The Times
   Blog Review at britishtheatreguide
   Blog Review at whatsonstage.com
   Interview at Official London Theatre Guide

Dir. David Herskovits, Target Margin Theatre, New York (2001)
   Review in The New York Times
   Review in The Village Voice
   Review Excerpts from Target Margin
   Article in The New York Times
   Listing at Ohio Theatre
   Set Designer David Zinn’s Site
   Blog Review at curtainup.com
   Blog Review at theatremania.com                                       top

Doctor Faustus

Renaissance Center Theatre Company, Renaissance Center, Amherst, MA (1625 April 2010)
   Audition Announcement
   Audition Announcement
   Audition Announcement
   Audition Announcement
   Audition Announcement
   Audition Announcement
   Announcement at UMass Renaissance Calendar
   Announcement in Amherst Bulletin
   Announcement at fivecolleges.com

Free Theatre Christchurch, Platform Arts Festival, Christchurch, New Zealand (May 2010)
   YouTube Video Clip

New Stagers Theatre Club, St. Anne’s Church Hall, Wandsworth, London (July 2010)
   Audition Announcement on clubbz.com

Baltimore Annex Theatre (2–4 July 2010)
   Baltimore Annex Theatre’s Facebook Page

Dir. Tamsin Bell, Royal Holloway, University of London (7–10 July 2010)
   Announcement on The Orbital (student union publication)
   Production Facebook page
   Production blog

American Shakespeare Center, Blackfriars Playhouse, Staunton, VA (14 January–1 April 2010)
   Details on Virginia Program at Oxford’s Facebook Page
   Press Release on WebNewsWire
   Article on Season at newsleader.com
   Details at virginia.org
   Review in newsleader.com
   Review in newsleader.com
   Podcast from American Shakespeare Center
   Podcast from American Shakespeare Center
   Blackfriars Backstage Pass DOCTOR FAUSTUS
   Podcast Links through podcastingnews.com

Dir. John Weaver, Williamsport Area High School, Black Box Theatre, Williamsport, PA (19–20 March 2010)
   Article in Williamsport Sun Gazette
   Article in graphicnovelreporter.com

Gaiety Theatre, Chandigarh, India (10 March 2010)
   Review in tribuneindia.com

Dir. Rory Atwood, St. Peter’s Church, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, UK (19–24 January 2010)
  Announcement in The Cambridge Tab
  Mention in The Cambridge Student
  Review in The Cambridge Student
  Blog review by Graham McCann
  Review in The Varsity
  Review in The Tab

Dir. George Perrin, Watford Palace Theatre in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council Standards & School Effectiveness, UK, Tour, Watford, Hitchin, Borehamwood, St Albans (28 January–4 March 2010)
   Article in Borehamwood Times
   Article in thisislocallondon.co.uk

Dir. Amanda CollinsRose Bruford College, UK, Unicorn Theatre, Southwark, London (25–27 February 2010)
   Announcement in Spotlight

Dir. Rosanna Saracino, Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, Annex Theatre, Toronto, Canada (16–22 March 2010)
   Details at torontolivetheatre.com
   Announcement in thestar.com
   Announcement in Toronto Arts Online

Dir. Chris Kemp and Max de Vere, Brasenose College Frewin Hall, Oxford, UK (26 Feb–1 Mar 2010)

Dir. Joss BennathanPresent Moment Theatre Company, UK, Stratford Circus, Stratford, London (12 January–6 February 2010)
   Director’s Rehearsal Blog
   Director’s Video Blog
   Article at broadwayworld.com
   Video Discussion with actors on YouTube
   Interview with the Director at whatsonstage.com
   Blog Review at britishtheatreguide.com
   Closing announcement in broadwayworld.com
   Review in The Independent
   Review in The Times
   Review in The Telegraph
   Review at whatsonstage.com
   Blog review in theatreworkbook
   Review in The Stage

Dir. Jason Eckard, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Dramatic Art, Elizabeth Price Kenan Theatre, Chapel Hill, NC (4–8 December 2009)
   Information from Chapel Hill Visitors’ Bureau
   Article in The Herald-Sun (Durham, NC)
   Article in The Herald Sun
   Article in UNC News
   Photos on flickr

Dir. Trent Leach, Cair Paravel Latin School, Topeka, KS (19–21 November 2009)
Production Photos

Dir. Barry Cavin, Florida Gulf Coast University TheatreLab (28 October–8 November 2009)

Dir. J. Barrett Cooper, Savage Rose Classical Theatre Company (15–24 October 2009)
   Article in The Louisville Courier-Journal
   Article in The Louisville Theater Examiner
   Blog Review at redroom.com

Dir. Elizabeth Freestone, Greenwich Theatre, London (6-16 October 2009)
   Stage to Screen DVD Release
   Stage to Screen Teacher Resources
   Article on Stage to Screen partnership in The Stage
   Review in The Newsshopper
   Blog Review - Greenwich Phantom
   Review at britishtheatreguide
   Photos at StageOnScreen
   Study Aids at StageOnScreen
   Film review at illuminationsmedia.co.uk
   DVD Review in The Stage
   Links to text and further information in Stage on Screen
   Clip posted by Catholic Primary School Blog
   DVD and clip at playbillstore.com
   Clip on savevid.com
   Clip on youtube
   Clips on youtube

Splendid Productions (UK), On Tour (7 September 2009–26 March 2010)
   Splendid Productions Facebook Page (includes photos)
   Article from Hull Collegiate School

Old Town Actors Studio, Renaissance Festival, Idaho (30 July 2009)
   Announcement in Boise Weekly
   Blog Review by Skip Carter

Dir. Jeff Watkins, Atlanta Shakespeare Company (1–25 January 2009)
   Atlanta Shakespeare Company Study Guide
   Review in Shakespeare Bulletin
   Review in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
   Blog Reviews at theaterreview.com

Actors’ Theatre of Berkeley (24 October–22 November 2008)

Theatre 204 Victoria University (11 November 2008)
   Clips on youtube

Chimera Productions, Edinburgh (6–9 July 2008)
   Clip on youtube

Cokethorpe School (24 April 2008)

Dir. Rob Melrose, Cutting Ball Theater, San Francisco, CA (15 January 2008)

Dir. Rob Forknall, Changeling Theatre Company, Tour, UK (2006)

Dir. Rupert Goold, Headlong Theatre at the Hampstead Theatre (16 October–18 November 2006)
   Headlong Faustus Trailer
   Headlong Resource Pack
   Blog Review at curtainup.com
   Interview in Time Out London (I)
   Interview in Time Out London (II)
   Details at Hampstead Theatre
   Review in The Stage
   Preview in The Times
   Blog Review at britishtheatreguide
   Adapted text from Nick Hern Books
   Mention in The Cambridge Student

Dir. John Wright, Third Party Productions (20 September - 25 October 2006)

Dir. Chris Jamba, Etcetera Theatre, London (14–26 June 2005)
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Dir. James Edmondson, Oregon Shakespeare Festival (8 June–7 October 2005)
   Review at metroactive.com

Dir. Philip Wilson, Liverpool Everyman (4–26 February 2005)
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Dir. Rupert Goold and Ben Power, Royal and Derngate Theatres, Northampton (2–20 November 2004)
  Review in The Stage
  Review in The New Statesman
  Review at BBC Northamptonshire

Dir. Martin Duncan, Edward Kemp, Stephen Pimlott & Dale Rooks, Chirchester (8–25 September 2004)
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Dir. Paul Garnault, Wales Actors Company (2004)

Dir. David Lan, Natural Nylon Theatre Company, Young Vic, London (27 March–4 May 2002)
   Young Vic Study Guide
   Review in The Independent
   Review by the BBC
   Resources from the University of Warwick
   Interview with Jude Law on the Young Vic from The Independent

Shifting Sands Theatre Company, London (2002)

Reading - Target Margin Theatre, NY (2001)

Dir. Jeff Watkins, Atlanta Shakespeare Company (7–29 October 2000)

Theatre of the First Amendment, George Mason University (1998–99)

Dir. Simon Bell, Prince Theatre, Greenwich (13 January–1 February 1998)
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Dir. Andrew Potter, Wycombe Theatre Company (9–18 October 1997)

Dir. Philip Graham & Rob Crouch, Brute Farce Theatre Company (1997)

Dir. Jonathan Best, On the Edge Festival, The Other Place (21 July–11 August 1997)

Dir. Neil Sissons, Compass Theatre Company, Sheffield (1996)

Dir. Patrick Sandford, Nuffield Theatre (14 April–7 May 1994)

Dir. Philip Franks, Greenwich Theatre (11 November–11 December 1993)
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Dir. Phelim McDermott, Nottingham Playhouse (6–21 November 1992)

Cambridge Marlowe Society (1991)
   Photograph at timreed.com

Dir. Carl Heap, Medieval Players, BBC (1989)

Dir. Barry Kyle, Royal Shakespeare Company (1989)
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Dir. Nicholas Rudall, Court Theatre, Chicago (1 May–1 June 1989)

Park Bench Theatre Company, Cambridge Festival Fringe (1986)

Wooden O Company, Edinburgh Festival (8–31 August 1985)

Dir. Ian Wooldridge, Royal Lyceum, Edinurgh (11 July–11 August 1984)

Dir. Andy Johnson, Nervous Theatre, London (15 October–3 November 1984)

Dir. Michael Winter & Jeremy Howe, Nottingham Playhouse Company and York Theatre Royal Company (1983)

Dir. Ian Granville Bell, Swan Theatre, Worcester (1–7 April 1982)

Dir. Adrian Noble, Manchester Royal Exchange (17 September–24 October 1981)
   Review List, University of Warwick

Dir. Christopher Fettes, Lyric Studio, Hammersmith (25 February 1980)
   Review List, University of Warwick

Dir. Nicholas Young, Connaught Theatre, Worthing (31 October–17 November 1979)

Dir. Jerry Turner, Oregon Shakespeare Festival (1979)

Dir. Sue Wilson, Nuffield Theatre (18–28 February 1978)

Dir. Duncan Miller & Frances Brookes, Sherman Arena Company, Cardiff (1978)

Dir. David Thacker, Chestergateway Theatre Company (28 November–10 December 1977)

Dir. Alan Drury, York Theatre Royal (22–26 November 1977)

Dir. Andrew McKinnon, Perth Repertory Theatre (10–27 November 1976)

Barry Smith’s Theatre of Puppets (22 December 1975)

Dir. John Barton, Royal Shakespeare Company (12 August 1974–1 February 1975)
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Dir. Arthur Joe Lopez, California (1974)

Dir. Gareth Morgan, Royal Shakespeare Company (1970)
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Dir. Ann Stutfield, Newcastle Playhouse (28 October 1969)

Dir. Clifford Williams, Royal Shakespeare Company (1968)
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Dir. Andre van Gyseghem, Nottingham Playhouse (25 May 1966)

Dir. Charles Marowitz, Close Theatre, Glasgow (2 December 1965)

Farnham Repertory Company (1964)

Dir. Clifford Williams, Studio Production by the Royal Shakespeare Company (7 December 1962)

Dir. Michael Benthall, Old Vic at the Edinburgh Festival (21 August 1961)
   Review List, University of Warwick

Dir. John Crockett, Compass Players (1950)

Dir. John Burrell, Old Vic at the New Theatre, London (7 October 1948)

Dir. Walter Hudd, Shakespeare Memorial Theatre (12 July 1946)

Dir. John Moody, Old Vic at the Playhouse, Liverpool (16 May 1944)

Rudolf Steiner Hall (12 March 1940)

Dir. Verner Haldene, Federal Theatre Project - Detroit (7 and 19 January 1938)

Dir. Eliot Duvey, Federal Theatre Project - Boston (22 November 1937)

Dir. William Armitage, Federal Theatre Project - Atlanta (27 July 1937)

Dir. Verner Haldene, Federal Theatre Project - Detroit (1–11 July 1937)

Dir. William Armitage, Federal Theatre Porject - New Orleans (8 June 1937)

Dir. Orson Welles, Federal Theatre Project - New York (8 January 1937)
   The Cradle Will Rock, dir. Tim Robbins (1999): contains scenes of Welles’ Faustus in rehearsal
   The Federal Theater, Project 891, and the Mercury Theater: contains a short examination of Welles’ Faustus

Dir. HM Prentice, Birmingham Rep at the Malvern (24 March–13 August 1934)

Adaptations                                                                                              top

An Apology for the Course and Outcome of Certain Events Delivered by Doctor John Faustus on This His Final Evening by Mickle Maher
   Dir. Sarah Whitney, The Midnight Company
    Dressel’s Pub, St. Louis
    2 - 24 June 2010
    Announcement at broadwayworld.com

Playing Faustus by Imogen de la Bere, OVO Theatre, UK
   Sumpter Yard, St. Albans (24–27 March 2010)
   Pudding Lane, St. Albans (12–13 June 2010)
   Video Trailer
   Article in Herts Advertiser
   Rehearsal Photos
   Article in the Herts Advertiser

Faust (Gounod) and Art & Arias: Faust
Dayton Opera and The Dayton Art Institute
10–18 April & 28 March 2010
   Announcement in The Dayton Daily News

Faust / Faustus, dir. Leon Johnson (27 February 2010)

Faust, dir. Andrew Isaak, UBC Players Club, Dorothy Somerset Studio, Vancouver, BC (24–27 February 2010)
   Announcement on Facebook

The Deadlies, dir. Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga (12–28 February 2010)
   Article in The Chattanoogan

Excerpts from The History of D. Johann Faustus (opera by Alfred Schnittke), London Philharmonic Orchestra (18 November 2009)
   Review in The Financial Times
   Review in The Guardian
   Review in The Times
   Review in The Evening Standard
   Review in The Telegraph

Frankenstein (with references to Doctor Faustus), The Hypocrites (21 October–1 November 2009)
   Review in the Chicago Tribune
   Blog Review in chicagoist.com
   Blog Review in chicagotheaterblog.com

The Historia and Tale of Doctor Faustus, dir. Northcoast Preparatory and Performing Arts Academy, Arcata, California, Gist Hall Theatre, Humboldt State University (14–16 October 2009)

Adapted by Richard Hasnip, Saltmine Theatre Company, UK (11 October–7 November 2009)
   Review at crackerjack.co.uk

Three Fantasies (The Woodman and the Goblins, Rosamund and Her Murderer, Doctor Faustus) by Don Nigro (30 October–22 November 2009)
   Blog Review by DC Theatre Scene
   Interview in The Washington Examiner

An Apology for the Course and Outcome of Certain Events Delivered by Doctor John Faustus on This His Final Evening (by Mickle Maher), Theater Oobleck (25 September–8 November 2009)
   Reviews at Chopin Theatre site
   Article by Time Out Chicago
   Review by The Chicago Tribune
   Blog Review at Chicago Stage Review
   Theater Oobleck Production Photos
   Extension Announcement in chicagonow.com
   Mention in onchicagotheatre 

faustUS, dir. 404 Strand, Kelly-Strayhorn Theater, Pittsburgh (8–12 September 2009)
   Blog review in Pittsburgh City Paper
   Article in Point Park News Service

Poet Faustus by Rebecca Coffey, Overtime Theatre, San Antonio, TX (September 2007)
   Review in The San Antonio Current

List of Professional Productions, University of Warwick

List of Amateur Productions, University of Warwick

List of Films, University of Warwick

List of Radio Productions - The University of Warwick                          top

Edward II

Rococo Players, Berkeley Castle, Gloucester Cathedral, and Oriel College Oxford (9–22 April 2010)
   Announcement at gloucestershire.gov.uk schoolsnet
   Announcement at crackerjack.co.uk
   Announcement & photo at crackerjack.com
   Article in aboutmyarea.co.uk
   Announcement in thebestof.co.uk
   Announcement at mythornbury.co.uk
   Review in the Daily Info
   Announcement at crackerjack.co.uk
   Blog review at Lady Despenser’s Scribery
   Artlcle on Historic Houses Association website
   Announcement at visitbritain.com
   Announcement at soglos.com

Dir. Anthony Jackman, Provincetown Theater, Provincetown, MA (16 April–2 May 2010)
   Audition Announcement at boston.com
   Audition Announcement by Provincetown Theater
   Audition Announcement at when.com
   Announcement at boston.com
   Announcement at capecod.com
   Press opening announcement
   Article at dailyme.com
   Review in The Cape Cod Times
   Article in The California Chronicle
   Review in wickedlocal.com

Fairmont State University Masquers, Wallman Hall Theatre, Fairmont, WV (23 April–1 May 2010)
   Blog article at Fine Arts Tatler

Edward II, adapted by Darcy Hogan, Theatre Out, The Empire Theatre, Santa Ana, CA (14 May–5 June 2010)
   Audition announcement in actingbiz.com
   Audition announcement in Craigslist
   Audition announcement in auditionsfree.com
   Announcement at orangecounty.com
   Announcement at Orange County Register
   Announcement in Los Angeles Daily News
   Announcement at inlandsocal.com
   Announcement in IGuide
   Mention in article about company in Orange County Local News Network.com

Dir. Alan Kinsella, Dublin Civic Theatre (2–6 March 2010)
   Announcement at visitdublin.com

Dir. Frank Toti, Rhode Island College, Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance, Helen Forman Theatre (17–20 February 2010)
   Season preview from Rhode Island College
   Review in The Anchor
   Review in indieartsri.org
   Review at artsmashri.com
   Announcement in americantowns.com
   Article in whatsnews online

Staged Reading, Unhinged Productions, Houston, Texas (10 January 2010)

Dir. Ricky Flax, Kent Theatre Company, UK (11 October–13 November 2009)
   Kent Theatre Company Press Release
   Blog review by Thom Short

Edward II by John McCabe (concert), Salomon Orchestra, St. John’s Smith Square (20 October 2009)

Radio production, dir. Jessica Dromgoole, BBC3 (13 September 2009)
   Review in The Telegraph

Dir. Michael Oakley, Battersea Arts Center, London (July–August 2008)
   Review in Shakespeare

Dir. Gale Edwards, Shakespeare Theater Company (27 October 2007–6 January 2008)

Dir. Sean Graney, Chicago Shakespeare Theater (1 October–9 November 2008)
   Review by Time Out Chicago
   Podcast Discussion (# 70) from Talk Theater in Chicago

Winthrop University Dept. of Theatre & Dance (9–12 April 2008)

Dir. Tom Berger, (Re:)Directions Theatre Company, 14th St. Theatre (29 November–16 December 2007)
   Review in broadwayworld.com

Dir. Jesse Berger, Red Bull Theater Company, Peter Jay Sharp Theater, New York (15 December–13 January 2007)
   Preview in playbill.com

Dir. Tom Berger, (Re:)Directions Theatre Company, 14th St. Theatre, New York (29 November–16 December 2007)
   Review at broadwayworld.com

Dir. Richard Monette, Stratford Festival, Canada (4 August–24 September 2005)

Dir. Howard Jensen, Utah Shakespearean Festival (24 June–2 September 2005)
   Production Photographs
   Utah Shakespearen Festival Study Guide

Dir. Timothy Walker, Shakespeare's Globe, London (1 July–28 September 2003)
   Review in whatsonstage.com
   Review in The Independent
   Review in The Guardian
   The World's Globe, CD incorporating music from Edward II

Dir. Michael Grandage, Sheffield Crucible (8–31 March 2001)
   Sheffield Crucible Study Guide
   Interview in The Guardian
   Preview in whatsonstage.com

Reading - Target Margin Theater, New York (2001)

Dir. Mark Lamos, American Conservatory Theatre (1999–2000)

Dir. Ellen Bean Larabee, Armory Free Theatre, Champaign, IL (1997)

Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati (1997)

Film, dir. Derek Jarman (1991)
   Review at moviemail-online.co.uk 

Dir. Gerard Murphy, Royal Shakespeare Company (1990)

Dir. Nicholas Hytner, Manchester Royal Exchange (23 October–22 November 1986)
   Resources at iainglen.com

Dir. Toby Robertson, Prospect Theatre Company, London (28 August 1969–21 March 1970)
   BBC Warner DVD Release (2009)
   Mention in review of  A Life in Three Acts in The New York Times
   Mention in blog review of  A Life in Three Acts                                            top

The Jew of Malta

The Jew of Malta (Staged Reading), UT Renaissance Institute, Harry Ransom Center, Prothro Theatre, Austin, TX (13 April 2010)

List of Professional Productions, University of Warwick

List of Radio Productions, University of Warwick

Dir. Seth Duerr, York Shakespeare Company, New York (in repertory with The Merchant of Venice), Jewish Community Center (28 November–20 December 2009)
   Article in The Clyde Fitch Report
   Announcement at theatermania.com
   Article in The Jewish Week
   Rehearsal clips on youtube
   Photos by Jeff Topf

Barabas, Hall for Cornwall (September–October 2008)
   Review in thisiscornwall.co.uk
   Blog diary by Ery Nzaramba (Ithamore)

Dir. David Herskovits, Theatre for a New Audience (6 January–11 March 2007)
   Review in Time Out New York
   Review in The New York Times
   Review in The Village Voice
   Preview at playbill.com

Teatro della Contraddizione and Hit and Run Theatre, Southside Theatre, Edinburgh (7–28 August 2005)
   Blog review at edinburghguide.com

Reading, Target Margin Theater, New York (2001)

Dir. Michael Grandage, Almeida Theatre, London (1999)
   Photo of Ian McDiarmid as Barabas
   Photo of Ian McDiarmid as Barabas
   Photo of Ian McDiarmid in rehearsal

Reading, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London (1998)

Dir. Stephen Thompson, Barn Theatre, UK (23–30 Sept 1989)

Dir. Barry Kyle, Royal Shakespeare Company (1987)
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Dir. Andy Johnson, Nervous Theatre (15 October–3 November 1984)

Dir. Peter Benedict, Donmar Warehouse (1984)

Theatre Mobile (1971)

Dir. Clifford Williams, Royal Shakespeare Company (1964)
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Dir. Peter Cheeseman, Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent (10 March 1964)
   Review List, University of Warwick

Dir. Donals Bain, Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury (17 February 1964)
   Review List, University of Warwick                                                        top

The Massacre at Paris

Massacre, opera by Wolfgang Mitterer, Cité de la Musique de Paris (8 April 2010)
   Review at classissima.com
   Blog review at operacake

Royal Shakespeare Company
Location & Dates TBD
   Mention in article about Ben Power “completing” MP in The Times for Royal Shakespeare Company

Anjou: A Tale of Horror, musical retelling of St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre (8–12 October 2009)

Dir. Mark Wilson & Jenny Lovell, doorslam PRODUCTIONS, Australia (7–17 August 2008)
   Review at onstagemelbourne

Dir. Kelley Costigan, Blood & Thunder Theatre/Marlowe Society Conference, UK (2003)

Reading, Target Margin Theatre, New York (2001)

Dir. Jeff Dailey, The Marlowe Project, New York (1999)                                                      top


List of professional productions, University of Warwick

List of amateur productions, University of Warwick

List of radio productions, University of Warwick

Tamerlano (Handel) - Royal Opera House, London (5–20 March 2010)
   Blog review at whatsonstage.com
   Review in The Independent
   Review in The Financial Times
   Review in The Telegraph
   Review in The Guardian
   Interview with conductor Ivor Bolton in Opera Britannia

Tamerlano (Handel) - Washington National Opera
   Review in The Financial Times
   Blog review in afoolintheforest.com

Dir. Michael Kahn, Shakespeare Theatre Company (30 October 2007–6 January 2008)
   Shakespeare Theatre Company First Folio Study Guide
   Mention in interview in Baltimore Sun

Dir. David Farr, Bristol Old Vic (7–29 October 2005) and Barbican Theatre, London (7–29 October and 9–19 November 2005)
   Young Vic Study Guide
   Review in The Guardian
   Interview in The Guardian
   Review in The Stage
   Preview in The Independent
   Review in The Independent
   Article in The Times
   Article (on censorship) in The Independent
   Images at rachel-stirling.com
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Reading, Shakespeare’s Globe (14 and 28 March 2004)

Dir. Ben Naylor, Cannon’s Mouth Productions at the Rose Theatre, London (11–22 September 2003)
   Announcement at whatsonstage.com
   Resources from the University of Warwick

Target Margin Theatre Laboratory, New York (April 2001)
   Article from Target Margin

Dir. Sam Shammas, Cochrane Theatre, London (12–23 January 1999)

Dir. Terry Hands, Royal Shakespeare Company (1992)
   Photos from the University of Warwick

Dir. Mik Derks, American Players Theatre (1983)

Dir. Peter Hall, Royal National Theatre (4 October 1976–11 January 1977)
   Resources from the University of Warwick
   Resources from the NT Archive Catalogue

Dir. Keith Hack, Glasgow Citizens’ Theatre (22 August 1972)
   Review list, University of Warwick

Dir. R. D. Smith, Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury (18 October 1966)
   Review list, University of Warwick

Dir. Tyrone Guthrie, Old Vic (24 September–22 October 1951)
   Review list, University of Warwick
   Article by James Maloon in Theatre Survey (1977)
   Listing at theatricalia.com                                                                     top                      

Poems and Translations


Marlowe, dir. D. Edward Lillie, Griffon’s Edge Productions, London, and Theatro Technis, Camden (7–8 May 2010)
   Casting call
   Further casting details
   Further casting details
   Further casting details
   Announcement at mandy.com
   Facebook event page

“Marlowe vs. Shakespeare: Rivalry, Imitation, Influence,” debate and discussion featuring James Shapiro, John Douglas Thompson, and Matthew Rauch, Shakespeare Society, Red Bull Theatre, Kaye Playhouse, New York (9 November 2009)

Just Another High School Play, Emmetsburg High School, Iowa (5, 7, and 8 November 2009)

Wittenberg, by David Davalos, World Premiere - Arden Theatre Company (17 January–23 March 2009)
   Review in Variety

Bards, by Nick Ryan, Four Humors Theater (11 - 14 October 2007)

It Was Kit, by Allison McWood, Triple Take Production (6–30 July 2006)

Kit Marlowe, by David Grimm, dir. Brian Kulick, Joseph Papp Public Theatre (17 November–3 December 2000)
   Review in The New York Times
   Production Photographs at proofsheet.com

The Masters, by Jesse Putnam, Odd Duck Studio, Seattle, WA (6–30 August 2009)
   Review in Seattle Theater Examiner

The English Channel, by Robert Brustein, Oberlin College Theater and Dance, Oberlin, Ohio (12 - 16 November 2008)

The School of Night, by Peter Whelan, Mark Taper Forum (30 October–17 December 2008)
   Review in The Orange County Examiner
   Review in The Hollywood Reporter
   Review in Variety
   Review in The Los Angeles Times
   Slideshow of Costumes in The Los Angeles Times

Festival Theatre, Chichester, UK (18 Sept–2 Oct 1999)

The Shakespeare Show, Monster Theatre, The Arts Centre and Theatre, Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada (17 October 2009)

The Genius of Christopher Marlowe, film conceived by William Dudley, devised by Robert Pennant, and directed by Paul Marcus
   Interview at london-se1.co.uk
   Announcement at whatsonstage.com
   Discussion at ballettalk.com
   Details at str.org.uk

To Keep Men in Awe, written and performed by Mark Wilson, fortyfivedownstairs, Midsumma Festival, Melbourne, Australia (20–24 January)
   Announcement in australianstage.com
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   Review in australianstage.com

Shakespeare in Shoreditch, by Wendy Richardson, Lights of London Productions (August 2008)

Shakespeare Inc., by Don Fried, Coal Creek Community Theatre, Louisville Center for the Arts
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Second Skin Theatre, Rosemary Branch Theatre, 2–21 March
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Wet Weather Cover, by Oliver Cotton, King’s Head, Islington, London (28 January–28 February), Arts, London (7 April–5 June)
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The English Channel, by Robert Brustein, Suffolk University, C. Walsh Theatre, Boston (6–15 September 2007)
   Review in The Boston Phoenix

Spring concert, featuring poems by Marlowe, Rogers State University Choir (23 March 2010)
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An Elizabethan Valentine, featuring scenes by Marlowe, Cape Ann Shakespeare Troupe (11–14 February 2010)
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