The Music Relaxation Preference Experiment

This is an interactive activity designed to introduce students to the research process using a novel, non-intimidating approach.

Faculty may choose to use the activity as an introduction to the research process or to use exemplars of the activity throughout the course. Students are introduced to consents, demographic information, and nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio data collection instruments. Statistical analyses to answer various hypotheses and research questions can be completed using the data when input into a spreadsheet.

The Music Relaxation Preference Experiment, designed using the foundation of a proven strategy, provides a method to creatively teach research in an electronically delivered course. Programming allows the instrument and consent to be electronically submitted. The intent of the programming is to allow faculty from various institutions to retrieve the electronic data from their students.

Faculty register their course and receive a Course Identification Number for their students. There is no charge to use this site. The web site for registration is

Students will need their Course Identification Number and the URL for the Music Relaxation Experiment.

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