Richard C. Sutter, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair

Department of Anthropology

Indiana U - Purdue U Fort Wayne


My research interests include the Peopling of the New World, South American Archaeology, Mortuary Analysis, Prehistoric Ethnicity, Bioarchaeological Theory and Methods, and Human Behavioral Ecology. My National Science Foundation funded research focused on the prehistoric peopling of South America, and I continue to research this topic today.

I have published on the origins of the Moche human sacrificial victims from Huaca de la Luna Plazas 3A and 3C, the origins and ultimate fate of the Chinchorros of northern Chile, ethnohistoric models of prehistoric culture change among Pre-Colombian coastal Andeans of northern Chile and southern Peru, the Prehistoric Peopling of South America, ethnogenesis among Late Intermediate Period inhabitants of the Azapa Valley, Chile, social and dietary implications of dental disease among the prehistoric inhabitants of Chiribaya Alta, Peru, ethnogenesis of theTumilaca of Peru, and the social and dietary implications of dental disease among 19th century poorhouse inmates. I have also worked extensively with South American mummies and Moche human sacrifices and have conducted my research at numerous research institutions and museums in the United States and the South America.

Courses I teach include:


About Me


  2. ANTH B200: Introduction to Biological Anthropology (fall, spring, summer)

  3. ANTH B426: Human Osteology (ever odd-year fall semester)

  4. ANTH P370: Ancient Cultures of South America (every spring semester)

  5. ANTH P376: Archaeology of Death (every even-year fall semester)