Nancy E. Virtue
Associate Professor of French
Department of International Language and Culture Studies
249 Classroom Medical Building
Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne



French Activities at IPFW:

French students at IPFW participate in a wide variety of activities. The IPFW French Club organizes several events every semester, including French and Francophone film series, French conversation tables, and other events. If you are interested in joining the French Club, contact Nancy Virtue, French Club Advisor.

Greg Smith, an IPFW French instructor, organizes a weekly Café Français, which meets each Sunday at 6 p.m. for friendship and French conversation. It is open to everyone, students and non-students alike! For information about the Caf, contact Greg at 417-5692 or visit the web site at the following link:

Conversation francaise

In addition to the activities above, the IPFW French program also organizes an annual French and Francophone Poetry Recitation Contest every spring. Students of all levels memorize and recite poems in French. Prizes are awarded in the following categories: First-Year Students, Second-Year Students, Third- and Fourth-Year Students, Students who write their own poems. Please contact Nancy Virtue for further information.