Matt Walsh

B.Math, Ph.D

What's New

May 17th, 2006: Updating again. Maybe I'll actually put this site to some use.

What I do

As you might guess from the URL of this site, I work at IPFW. Specifically, I'm an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. You can see my teaching page for more information about my classes, or my research page if you want to know about my mathematical pursuits.

I am also one of the organizers of the 43rd MIGHTY conference.

When I'm neither teaching nor theorizing, I'm often playing games (such as Bridge), reading, or travelling around. (I'll be putting up a travels page later. Someday. Maybe.)

My education

I have two degrees: an Honours Bachelor's degree in mathematics from the University of Waterloo, and a Doctorate in discrete math from Auburn University. Oddly enough, the B.Math took longer than the Ph.D. For the non-Canadians in the audience, an "honours" degree takes a year longer than a "general" Bachelor's degree, usually requires some fairly advanced coursework, and frequently (though not in my case) demands the completion of an "honours research project", which is not unlike a Masters Project Lite.

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