Some Facets of Myself

I am a multi-faceted person, and as I get older I am making a point to nurture the talents that I have, as everyone should. There is also a balance that needs to be maintained since we each have only 24 hours in a day. I am interested in many areas, and the following are some components that I integrate into my life. I hope the tips, stories, and information herein can help you and inspire you to get the most of each day.


I continue step by step pursuing my Bachelor's degree in General Studies. I am focusing on classes that meet my particular needs and goals, such as developing my art skills. -Resume-


As it just happened, I took an art class for an elective in my General Studies program and little did I know that I would develop a glass etching business.


When I get a little stressed and need to "get away", I play my piano. I started learning how to play the piano in my late 20's. It was something that I wanted to do when I was little. -Story-

Other Projects

I remember the days when I was young and worked on crafts, and as I got older, I had more responsibilities and didn't nurture any creative ideas because I didn't have time. But now, I understand the importance of balance in my life and trying to add some creative fun stuff. -Projects-

Spiritual Component

The one thing that I learned in my teens was that my mind is very powerful and there is something greater than we. We are not left alone floundering around in this universe by ourself. I discovered the teachings of the ascended masters through Mark L and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. These teachings answered so many questions that nobody could ever answer, and these teachings also continue to help me go through life without going mad, especially when you see the happenings in the earth today. There are solutions. -Teachings-


One last critical component we need to consider is taking care of our physical body. We need to take responsibility of our self because nobody else will, including the government. The government is part of the problem. There is so much corruption behind the scenes. We need to be a scientist on ourself and determine what is best for each of us. -Story-