Sandcarving Gallery

I continue developing my glass etching business. Etched glass is great for corporate awards, anniversary, weddings, funerals, and any occasion or event that requires a personalized gift. Sandblasting is the process that I use. Air and aluminum oxide are mixed and propelled outward by a compressor roughening up the surface. There are many materials that may be etched, such as metal, glass, and wood. The following is a general step-by-step outline of what I do to create a unique piece of art

  1. Find a perfect piece of glass or substrate.
  2. Create a design on the computer that is vector. Image has to be black and white. No gray tones.
  3. Print design on a special transparency paper.
  4. Expose transparency paper with light sensitive paper to UV lighting.
  5. Wash out. Design appears. This material becomes the resist.
  6. Place resist on substrate, and tape and wrap the rest of the substrate so that you don't get any overspray.
  7. Place substrate in a blasting cabinet. Blast design on glass.
  8. Take substrate out of cabinet wash and dry.
  9. There appears a unique work of art.

The following are examples of items that I have etched.

Anniversary Serving Knife Pamper Thyself Bank Mug
Businesscard Holder Coaster Set Baby Bottle Keepsake Cakepan

If you have an event or occasion that you would like to give a special gift, let me create your piece. I carry in stock a variety of items, such as frames, glassware, ceramic mugs, and awards. Call for a quote.