Perfect Health

In order to move through the earth, our physical body needs to be taken care. I have always been interested in health since I was 20.

In 1997, I had the opportunity to go to Way to Health at the Kushi Institute. This was a week-long program on the macrobiotic diet. We would get up each day and exercise, lecture, watch cooking classes, and then eat. It was a grand opportunity to eat whole foods. I have never eaten so many vegetables in one day in my life. It is basically a cleansing diet. Most people that do attend have health issues.

Once I came back out into the world, it was very difficult to continue that way of eating because there was so much opposition. I got frustrated and fell back in the American diet; eating whatever I wanted. I did put on a workshop and talked about everything that I learned. I brought in many samples to try. The only people that showed up were my close friends and my mom. We did have a great time. Now days, people are more open to whole foods and those foods that are less familiar, such as seaweed, tofu, etc.

Today I am trying to move in the whole foods direction again. My LDL is high - the cholesterol thing - and I am trying to determine what I need to do. A few years ago, my dad unexpectly had a quad heart bypass, so my doctor put me on the high risk level. There has been heart issues in my family. Matter of fact, my doctor wanted to give me medication since my cholesterol was slighly over 200. I decided not to take the medication because I don't want to get on the roller coaster; I am checking every other option first. To me, it is not normal to take medication.

Dr. Rath's book called, "Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks - But People Do" is very interesting. You can download this book for free from his site. This book has my attention. I am checking out several sources and then, hopefully, pick out what is really true.

I do believe food does contribute to our overall health. To get inspired to cook, I enjoy Christina Pirello books. She is a macrobiotic chef and has written several books. Macrobiotic diet is more than eating rice and vegetables. She has a lot of great ideas for a well-rounded meal. The bottom line is to eat whole foods.

Check out Dr. Joseph Mercola's website, and sign up for his newsletter. He has a lot of scientific information on health issues, and he is also exposing the corruption that is going on in the food industry and the pharmacedicals. He is trying to change the health paradigm.

There are many organizations that are trying to educate the public regarding the truth, but it is difficult at times because the large corporations employ deceptive marketing. I hope people will become enlightened and speak up and demand quality food. The more we are informed, the better choices we can make.