My Lovely Piano

When I was young my great grandmother was moving to Florida, and I remember asking grandma if she was taking her piano. She said, "yes". Darn, I wanted the piano. I always wanted to learn how to play the piano. In my late 20's, I purchased a Kawai digital full-size 88 key piano, and began piano lessons with a teacher.

I went through beginning instructional books, learning theory and keyboard. I really liked classical music, so this is what I focused on. Every now and then I make discoveries regarding the piano, or rather I zero in on techniques my teacher suggest.

April 2006, I felt that my playing was hindered by not having an acoustic piano. By June 2006, I had a Kawai acoustic piano in my piano room. I have been in love ever since.

Kawai Acoustic Piano Kawai Digital Piano

This year I am experimenting with piano improvisation. This means using no sheet music, which is a great challenge for me. In order to do piano improvisation, a person needs to understand thoroughly scales and chords. We will see what I can produce on the piano this year.

Some of my favorite links are as follows:

What I learned over the past few years about playing the piano, is that a person needs to be dedicated and motivated and willing to try new techniques.