Other projects

I remember the days when I was young and worked on crafts. As I got older, I had more responsibilities and didn't nurture any creative ideas because I didn't have time. But now, I understand the importance of balance in my life and trying to add some creative fun stuff.

My recent victory was completing an afghan for my husband. A few years ago I jumped into crocheting. During this time, I bought lots of yarn through a lady that worked at a mill. I eventually got busy and didn't pick up a crochet hook again until January, 2007. I decided that it was time to finish Danny's afghan. The following afghan took me at least 90 hours to complete.

Afghan Front post, Back Post Stitch

Wire sculpture became a fascination. I tried my hand at wire sculpting jewelry and the following are some of the results.

Cameo Cameo Rosary

I have tried other things too, such as airbrush and decorative painting. There is so much to explore, and I encourage you to try something new because you never know what may happen or how much talent you really have.