Spiritual Integration

I read a book when I was 20 called Wisdom of the Mystic Masters by Joseph Weed and he spoke about the Rosicrucian teachings. I said, "I want to go and study THERE." Well, I came across the teachings of the ascended masters through Mark L and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. These guarded teachings that were only for the few have now been brought out to the world-you do not go somewhere to study. You study right where you are. The lessons are in your daily life.

Check out The Summit Lighthouse. These are the highest teachings at this time. On this site there is a picture of your real self and this is one of the greatest gifts we can have in this lifetime. We learn about the science of the spoken word and how we can create change in our life and world. We can change this world in a split second if people would take responsbility of himself/herself by being in contact with their higher self. All this information we have known before, but there are those in power that want to control the mass, and through the time when have forgotten who we really are.

This site is full of information, such as a series of Angel videos that can be viewed free. Yes, angels are real. This site also has a perpetual rosary going on that you can tie into. Giving the rosary is for everyone, not just catholics. If you haven't noticed on the other page, I make rosaries and I am working on a rosary for each day of the week. Each rosary will be a different color of the rainbow. So far, I have a pink (love) rosary and a blue (protection) rosary done. I have made a green (healing) one, and I gave that to my mom. If you want your own special handcrafted rosary, I can make one for you too.

Saying the rosary is one way of decreeing and invoking the violet transmuting flame, which is a high frequency energy that creates the change. I have seen great results by decreeing. You can meditate and pray, but you still need to decree full voice. One time I went to a baseball game and everyone was screaming and chanting. I thought, "Wow, look at the power!" I would love to see all the people take a few minutes and decree on something constructive. Look at the beginning of sport events, we sing, "God Bless America". We should have a few more freedom songs added. The next time you go to a sports event, take note of the hundreds of people singing "God Bless America". This will show you the power that can be created by people focusing on one thing.

Check out the books and DVD's. There is a lifetime of material that can keep you busy for a long time and you can change the world at the same time as long as you apply the teachings.

If you would like to join us in a Book Study Group of the pocket guide books, you may contact me at (260) 627-8053. We can have discussions over some of the various books and teachings. We have a solid core of people that are dedicated to these teachings in the Fort Wayne area. While we are together, we can recite a rosary. I can help you get started on your adventure in studying the teachings of the ascended masters.

Knowing these teachings help me understand that we are here for a reason and we need to fulfill that reason. We might as well get the job done in this lifetime. Go and greet your Mighty I AM Presence.