Worth Weller
Continuing Lecturer
Dept. of English and Lingustics and
Division of Continuing Studies
Resources for W131, W140, W232, W233 and J492 Students

Useful websites, instructions, and mini-lectures that cover many of the issues we discuss in class


General Writing, Classroom and Technology Issues

Using Microsoft Word

Formating papers and journals

Inserting "Headers" in Word

Saving Files as Rich Text Format documents

Step by Step Instructions for Formatting a Research Paper

Complete Template for Formatting a Research paper and Works Cited List


Finding Your Assignments and Due Dates

How to submit your Assignments in VISTA

How to view your grades and my comments in VISTA

How to Change Your Password

WebCT Technical Issues

Browser Tune-up (PPT with audio)

JAVA download (Windows Media Player)

RemovingTool Bars and Pop-up Blockers (Windows Media Player)

IPFW Information Technology Services Help Desk

Web Page Creation

Saving and Uploading Word as Web Pages

Crearing a Web Page with Publisher

Going to College

How to Avoid Plagiarism

Critical Thinking

Peer Review

Index of Articles, Worksheets

(most of these are A/V files)

Setting Up Your Blog
(Breeze Lecture primarily for J492)

Creating a Class Blog
(Breeze Lecture for W140/W233)

Using a Blog Aggregator
(Breeze lecture to show students how to easily find their peers' blogs)

Using Code to Improve Blogspot Templates
(Breeze Lecture)

Changing Colors in Blogspot
(Breeze lecture)

Modifying the Sidebar - adding a logo to the sidebar
(Windows Media Player)

Sidebar Code Details - getting rid of the personal profile
(Word document)

Annotated Template Code
(Word Document)

Hex 3 Color Codes
(Web pages)

Adding Members to Your Blog
(Breeze Lecture)

Sidebar Help File - getting rid of the profie and adding other text and a logo to the sidebar
(pdf file)

Publishing "Feeds"
(pdf file with sound)

Blog Security
(pdf file with sound)


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