Narrative Essay Assignment

English W131 – D. Wooten

During the course of this project, students will choose an event (positive or negative) that has occurred in their life and tell the story. Focus should be on the details of the story. Descriptive writing is critical to communicating the story to the audience. For example, a green car is a general description; a forest green 2007 Mustang convertible is a specific description.

The audience will be your fellow students and the instructor. Vocabulary and diction should be appropriate for the audience.

There will be a first draft and final draft of the assignment. Because people will be reading this narration, students are cautioned against choosing a topic that may be too personal for a wide audience.

Remember to use Tahoma font size 12, and double space the paper. There should be page numbers in the upper right corner of each page. Name, date, and class time should appear in the upper left corner of the first page. The title should be centered above the introductory paragraph.

The Narrative should be at least 4 full pages long and no more than 6 full pages long.

The assignment will be graded on content, organization, descriptive quality, prewriting activities, and mechanics.





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