Jin Soung Yoo

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Services to Profession


Invited Review Panels for NSF and Government Grants


        Austrian Science Fund program, February 2018

        NSF(National Science Foundation)-CISE(Computer & Information Science & Engineering)/BigData program, December 2017.

        NSF-CISE/BigData program, December 2016.

        NSF-CISE/IIS(Information and Intelligent Systems) program, May 2015.

        NSF-CISE/BigData program, June, 2014.

        NSF-CISE/IIS program, April 2012.

        NSF-TUES(Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program, May 2012.

        NSF-CCLI(Course Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement) program, March 2009.


Journal Editor


Journal Article Reviewer


Conference Organizer & Committee Member



Computer Society Affiliations


       Member, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGSPATIAL

       Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society

       Member, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)s Women in Computing

       Member, CRA-W (Computing Research Association Women)

       Member, STEM-W (PFWs Women in STEM)

       Member, Women Faculty Group, Elite Ladies, Purdue University Fort Wayne.

       Member, Korean-American Scientists and Engineers (KSEA)

       Member, Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Indiana Chapter (KSEA-Indiana)

       Member, Korean Computer Scientists and Engineers Association in America (KOCSEA)