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My immediate supervisor describes me as “a unique combination of left-brain logic and right-brain creativity.” With an informal background in flower arranging, I can solve most kinds of problems with a detailed, methodical approach. My creativity produces the flexibility to assess and assemble numerous alternatives.

Picture of a notebookMy exceptional communication skills allow me either to distill complex technical information into customer requirements, or define customer requirements and then apply the appropriate technology. As a result, your firm will set a new standard in customer satisfaction. My experience with multiple vehicles for conveying information—such as the web, song and dance routines, and crude animation —will enable you to serve a broader client base more cost-effectively. I am a quick study and have educated myself on subjects from underwater basketweaving to using nanotechnology to construct awesome burritos.

Currently, I am responsible for delivering high technology pizza imbued with RFID chips so that advertisers can track customers instantly. I would welcome the opportunity to meet in person and explore the opportunities my unique strengths will bring to your organization.

Tyler Ruiz